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Scheduler apps are essential for planning and managing successful and visually pleasing social media campaigns. These apps allow you to save your most used hashtags, draft your content and captions, and schedule and publish your content. One app I’ve found to be very useful is Planoly.

Planoly desktop homescreen.

Planoly is a planner app that allows its users to plan and schedule their social media content for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. “Planoly was the first visual planner for Instagram” (About Planoly). The app was founded in 2016 to help make social media marketing less complicated. This app allows you to visually plan out your content and see a “fake feed” that reflects what your content will look like on your social media page. With Planoly you are also able to auto-post your content which helps a lot with time management.

Planoly offers 3 plans for pricing, starter, growth, and professional. Each of these plans offers a 7-day free trial. The difference between the starter and growth is the number of users who can have access and the number of uploads the users can make a month. The starter plan only allows 1 user and has a limit of 60 uploads, while the growth plan allows 3 users and has unlimited uploads. If billed annually, the starter plan is priced at $11.25 a month while the growth plan is $19.50. The professional plan has the same top features, the main difference is that it allows up to 6 users, unlimited uploads, and you can manage 2 social accounts per platform. The professional plan starts at $36.50. If you are not ready to commit to a paid plan, a free option is available. The personal plan offers 30 uploads per month per profile for 1 user.

My favorite feature Planoly offers is auto-posting. When you schedule your content, you can also set it to post at the desired time. This is helpful for PR representatives who manage multiple client accounts. My least favorite feature is that you cannot auto-post Instagram Reels on the mobile app. This makes it difficult when planning out content that includes reels.

Planoly has a mobile and a computer version available for use. The main difference between the mobile and computer versions is that the computer version has a Reels planner for scheduling out Reels content. Neither version allows you to auto-post carousel posts. When setting up your account, your Instagram page must be linked to a professional Facebook page.

Planoly mobile homescreen.

Overall, this app is very helpful for PR professionals because it allows you that manage all of your client's content in one place. You are also able to review how content is performing across the platforms. You can learn more about this app at


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