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COVID 19, Monkey Pox, back to school, here we go again! As stressful as teaching during 2 global pandemics can be, let your classroom setup be the last thing you worry about this school year.

Trendy Teacherz – Here We Go Again, Classroom Setup Webinar

Rosenberg, Texas, August 13th, 3 pm – Many teachers packed up their classrooms at the end of the 21-22 school year with no plans of returning after the summer break. This has left hundreds of teachers left with the stress of a heavy workload as they return for the new school year.

“I felt so helpless,” said 49-year-old Wendy Grider, who left her fourth-grade teaching job in Rocklin, Calif., this month” (Dill, K. 2022, June 20. School’s Out for Summer and Many Teachers are Calling it Quits).

Since returning to teaching after the global shutdown in 2020, many teachers have reported feeling burnt out, overworked, and overwhelmed with their district’s inability to adapt to post-pandemic changes. Many take to social media to complain about the daily challenges they face. This fall Trendy Teacherz is looking to go beyond selling t-shirts to provide Houston area teachers with as much support and relief they can offer.

Trendy Teacherz will host its first classroom setup webinar Here We Go Again. In the webinar, teachers will be able to learn tips and tricks to help ease the stress of transitioning back into the classroom. This 45-minute webinar is hosted by Instagram teacher influencer @aproneducation and will feature 5 surprise teacher influencers.

Each guest is entered for a chance to win classroom items and gift cards. Purchase your tickets at www.trendyteacherz.com and get ready to laugh and learn with your favorite Trendy Teachers.


Trendy Teacherz is a t-shirt brand specializing in teacher-related graphic t-shirts, gifts, and accessories. You can learn more about the brand by visiting www.trendyteacherz.com or following them on Instagram at www.instagram.com/trendyteacherz